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Staying on track

What is it about this day? They call it ‘Blue Monday’, right? But actually, when I’m looking outside, it looks more like a grey Monday to me. At least, that’s my perception of the outside world: rain and clouds. Big questions is: do these have to have a negative influence on you?

You know, the message that there’s a thing called blue Monday, it is just some information. Just like the clouds and the rain. All information.

Even the voices in my head. One telling me I’m the leader of my life and I’m strong enough to do it and the other one trying to convince to shut up and be invisible (because that’s safe). It’s all information.

And it’s up to us to choose whether it will distract us or not.

It’s not always easy to stay on track. First of all, do you know what your track is?

What path is it that you want to walk in your life?

To some people that’s defined by an outcome, others want to stay true to their personal values. My path is determined by my mission: to open your mind and guide you to your power.

So once you know your path, you will encounter moments that are challenging to stay on it. Things that could get you off your path are too much information (like blue Monday), feelings of uncertainty or insecurity, stress or setbacks.

So I’d like to help you in how to deal with that.

The key-word here is CHOICE.

· Once you recognize being off track, ask yourself: what was the trigger?

Since when do I feel this, do this or think this? What happened just before?

· And now the most important question: how do you want to deal with this information? Is it something that you just want to accept (like the rainy day)?

Or do you want to take action, do you want to create desired result in dealing with this? For example it gives you stress that you don’t have a plan, so you will decide to make plan.

· Take a deep breath and evaluate your choice. Does it really match with who you are. If not, reconsider. If it does, than be proud of your choice, be proud of you!

Would you like to have more guidance to find your path or stay on it?

I have a few options in how I can guide you:

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