create your own magic

Stel je voor... dat je op ieder moment toegang hebt tot een wijsheid en een oplossingsgerichtheid die je met je bewuste geest niet kan vatten...

Leren communiceren met mijn eigen onbewuste geest is wellicht één van de mooiste geschenken in mijn leven. Helemaal parallel met het gezegde, 'geef hem geen vis, maar leer hem vissen'.

Deze 2 dagen met Anné zijn echt een toegang tot jezelf. Je leert contact maken met je onbewuste geest je en je leert hoe je jouw vraag kan formuleren. Het onbewuste zal je altijd een antwoord geven. 

De opleiding gaat door in het Engels, vandaar dat onderstaande tekst ook al in het Engels is geschreven. 


You’ve got 2 minds

Your unconscious mind is where all your potential and all your resources are gathered.

It contains creativity, inner peace, joy, .... The question is, do you have access to these experiences when you want it or need it?  

Getting more access to your own resources is a big benefit of self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is a process in which you consciously connect to your own unconscious mind.
You learn to relax, to shift your attention and you know how to communicate with your other mind.

Every trance is a self trance

This quote comes from Dr. Milton Erickson, who’s considered a genius. He looks at the unconscious mind with great respect and trust.

This two-day self-hypnosis training is inspired by his work. It’s a very practical training so that after 2 days you will be your own guide on your journey of exploring your possibilities.


These are two days that are all about you! You have no responsibility to others in the group. It is all about you and the relationship with yourself


The training is given by Anné Linden, it’s given in English. You can do the exercises in your own language.

You participate from home, at your own place. During the practice moments you can retreat to your favorite spot in your home.


Anné studied with Dr. Milton Erickson, she has been training this extraordinary subject for over 35 years.

She is now 86 years old and lives in the US. She has survived Covid, probably through the power of her mind!

A special lady to meet. Also digitally.

If you would treat your friends the way
When and where

20th and 21st of May 2022

Be careful, this training is from 3 pm till 10.00 pm UCT+1

You will enjoy this training from your place, where you can choose your most comfortable spot for the excercises.


€ 445.00 excl. btw 

€ 538.45  incl. btw