Ericksonian Hypnosis
Remember you've got two minds.
It's about the connection between the two.
What is Ericksonian Hypnosis?

Dr. Milton Erickson was a genius in connecting to the unconscious mind of his patients. He told them stories, he gave them tasks and at first it didn't seem relevant to the person. But after a while people noticed differences in themselves. The took their next step and they didn't know exactly how. 

Because of this, lots of people observed and studied the way Dr. Milton Erickson communicated. He was a big source of inspiration to create NLP. The hardest part in studying Dr. M. Erickson was that he didn't seem to be aware of all the things he noticed in his patients. He didn't realize what kind of structure he used in his language, but there was definetly a structure!

Anné Linden studied with him during the last years of his life. She understood what she was doing and she created  a training for you. A step by step process to learn all the skills you need to really respectfully connect to the unconscious mind. Yours and that of the other.  

Let me tell you, Ericksonian Hypnosis has nothing to do with what you see on television. It's all about respect for the unconscious mind and it's about the cooperation of your two minds. 

We offer you 3 trainings: a two days self hypnosis, a ten day basic training and a ten day advanced. 


Self Hypnosis

A two day training for yourself only


Imagine being your own best friend...

Your unconscious mind is a storehouse of all your competences, your positive experiences and your resources. 

Imagine getting access to all that and being able to use it when you need it or want it. 

"Every trance is a self trance"
This is one of Dr. Milton Erickson favorite quotes. 

In this training you learn to invite yourself in your trance state and you learn the language you can use to communicate with your unconscious mind. Your only subject is you. So this is something you really do for you!


May 28 and 29 from 3 pm till 10.30 pm (European time)


Everybody stays at his own place

Your trainer is Anné Linden

Price: € 445,00 excl. btw - €  538,45 incl. btw

Ten day basic training

learn all you need

to take your first step as a trance guide


In this traing you have two trainers,  Anné and Emilie.

You will take your first step as a trance guide and you will be really amazed, after ten days of training, what you will be able to do!

As a guide, you create the environment in which your subject can allow him or herself to go inside, into his or her trance experience. 

You set up a way to communicate with the unconscious mind of your subject. 

Every step you take in a process is in full respect for the unconscious mind of your subject. 

Every day is in this training you will get better in using your trance voice, playing with your words, creating stories and guiding processes. And there is another benefit. Because you do all the exercises as a guide and as a subject, you evolve as a trance-subject. Your connection with your own conscious mind gets stronger and stronger. That will give you trust in life and as a guide. 

Want to know the detailled program of this training? 

For who?

This training is a perfect next step after your NLP training. 

Haven't done NLP? That's okay. As long as you have that interest in self reflection and evolution as a human being.
Communicating with the unconscious mind is essential for everybody who is working with people, coaches, therapist, leaders, teachers, consultants,...

Because of Covid, we will do this training digitally, through Zoom. 
It's our second digital edition, so we know it works. Doing this training, you'll be able 
to guide people into their trance, even when you are miles apart. 


September, 20 - 24 from 12 am till 8.00 pm (European time)

November, 29 - December 3 from 12 am till 8.00 (European time)

Price? € 2 355,37 excl.btw -  €2 850 incl. BTW

Ten day advanced training

Refine your trance skills


You've done the basic training and you are eager to learn more.

You've experienced that working with the unconscious mind is a real honor. You know you need that mix between

being creative and being very precise. These ten days will help you understand the why after every single step

of the process. You go to the core of trance work. You're not only repeating the steps, you are learning to think

the Ericksonian way. 

You continue your process to grow as a trance guide and as trance subject. You'll trust the unconscious mind more and more

and you know how to adress it, playful and without the need to be a 'fixer'. 

Anné designed different types of interventions to deal with emotions, beliefs, identity issues and she will share all his 

knowledge and wisdom with you!



Anné stays in the States, so you will see her on a big screen. 
All the participants and Emilie are together @Happy Coach, Hoegaarden. 


March 7 - 11 , from 12.00 am till 8.00 pm (European time)

May 2- 6, from 12.00 am till 8.00 pm (European time)

Price? € 2 355,37 ecxl.btw -  €2 850 incl. BTW