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Don't waste your power

Don't waste your Power.


You are born 

to create and to grow. 


Your Power is waiting for you. 

Feel it. Play with it. Guide it.


Say Yes to what you want,

and No to what you don't want anymore.


By owning your Power & true Potential,

you will find joy and abundance.

You will find your purpose in life…


Our paths to your power

men-1179452_1280 (1).jpg

THE POWER OF manifesting

The power of Performance

The power of BODY & MIND

A 5 day training

to connect

with the Bigger YOU!

1 on 1 coaching

to translate your Power

into Performance

A self care program

for body & mind. 


Emilie unravels, exposes, connects the threads. 
She asks the right questions, digs deep, pushes where it hurts and shines her light on blind spots. 
She does that very naturally and yet firmly decidedly with a lot of knowledge, human knowledge and love, always in all safety, never unreal. It is pure.
Boost for my mental.
Soul food.

Nicky Jonker, founder of the House of all

Ready to unlock your Power?

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