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Power of Body & Mind

Most of us have a preference in what to develop most in life: the power of the body OR the power of the mind. 


By doing so, we miss an amazing opportunity.


A stronger body really gives so much more space in the mind. And a strong mind will enhance the performances of our body. 


But most of all, by combining the power of body AND mind, you will feel a sense of freedom and connection to your inner source like never before.


The combination of mental and physical training prepares you for being a pass-through for your soul mission, for your contribution on this great planet earth.

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Free your body and mind
to manifest your soul mission

Let me share something with you. I have been mental training myself for more than 25 years now.

I was so strong in my head, I could overcome all physical issues and keep going. My doctor once told me: ‘you are too strong in your mind, your body can’t keep up’.

So I left the practice feeling proud that I was that strong!


In 2020, I met Sabine. She’s as passioned about physical training as I am about mental training. From time to time she dropped a little message, triggering me in maybe picking up sports again. It took a year of teasing but I finally put on my running shoes! And a new passion was born.


Within a few weeks I will run my first half marathon and I’m so amazed I have the resources to do this. Even when the weather is awful or when my body is in pain (I had a bike accident last month), I still want to go for the run. When I see a hill, I have a strategy to keep going and not give up.


And belief me, there is so much fun and enjoyment in all this. No obligations, just giving my body the freedom to move and let it move all the way to discover its limits.


And in that freedom I felt so connected to my inner source, my essence, my soul.


On top of the world

Do you long to challenge your Body & Mind Power?


Are you ready to go to the next level?


Do you want to transcend your limits?


Then, this group program will meet your desire. We will combine the power of body and mind. We train in group but you all have your individual program recording to your starting point and your challenge. 


And... together we will reach a very beautiful top of the world!

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