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On Top of the world

In this 1-year training, it's all about you and going to the next level!


You will learn how to transcendent your limits by feeling that desire for more. More distance, more power, more money, more love?


That is your choice!


We combine the power of body and mind. We train in group but you you have your individual starting point, challenges and goals.


You will climb your personal mountain, and together we will climb the Kilimanjaro.


A 1-Year Training
to take you to the top of the world 

This training in numbers:

14 days in real life 
4 days in a house at the Belgian coast
6 individual days divided between Oostduinkerke and Hoegaarden
5 days in France, near the Mont Blanc


20 hours personal training online


extra video material for physical work out

extra audio material for relaxation, self confidence and connecting with your inner power

1 week journey to Tanzania and reaching the top of the Kilimanjaro


Grab your agenda

First Boost Week 

Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 January '24


Individual days

  • Saturday February 24 '24

  • Saturday March 23 '24

  • Saturday April 4 '24


Second Boost Week

Monday 20 to Friday 24 May '24


Individual days

  • Saturday June 29 '24

  • Saturday September 21 '24

  • Saturday October 19 '24 


Travel to Tanzania and Kilimanjaro

Sunday 17 to Friday 22 November '24


Our vision

We are Emilie and Sabine, and together we will bring you to the top!


How will we do this? Long term change or quick results?


We made a very clear choice. We want you to embed healthy patterns in your thinking, feeling and acting.


Of course you will have that first boost of feeling good because you choose to step to your next level! 


And we know, there will be a time where things are getting harder, where the search for the discipline will be tougher. That's part of the training too! Dealing with a first disappointment or more difficulties than you imagined is a very important part of the training. 


It's all about you and going to the next level!


You’ll be happy with your body, because it will be your friend, your ally that makes it possible to enjoy life and to do the things you really want to do. That can be sports, but think of camping with your family, dancing with your friends or playing with the little ones.


Your body will be in its best shape ever and you will know exactly what to do to keep it there. You have all the programs and exercise to maintain:

  • Agility

  • Power

  • Endurance

  • Speed

  • Coordination


Your mind will be your playground. You’ll be able to create the life you want and to transform ideas, beliefs and behavioral patterns that are no longer useful to you. Because you can lead your inner world, you have a whole new perspective on the outside world. Your mind is no longer something that controls you. You are aware and you have choice, about everything.


Your mind will be free to focus on what’s really important to you and you will no longer lose your energy worrying about what others think of you or what you should do to fit in. Your inner strength gives you inner calmness and from this relaxed state you live in trust and are able to choice how to deal with any kind of situation.

Of course you will keep evolving and by using the toolbox you’ll get, you will always know how to maintain or improve

  • Focus

  • Self discipline

  • Positivity

  • Ownership

  • Inner peace

  • Flexibility

What will you take away
from the top of the world?


When you choose to do this and you do it all the way, you really showed yourself selfcare and wellbeing are your top priority. You’ll feel so proud and strong, ready to conquer the world.


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