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Power of manifesting
2 days of training & 4 hours of coaching

Do you still dare to dream or are you cautious because you want to avoid disappointment? 

We have a unique ability to dream, to imagine what we want differently in the future than now.

To make that dream come true, there are a number of conditions:

  • you are worthy of realizing your dream

  • you believe in yourself and your dream

  • you have the courage to get out of your comfort zone

  • you see the added value of your dream

  • you have the space to fail and learn on the way to the manifestation of your dream

From dream world to dream life

Making your dreams come true step by step is a journey that starts in your imagination and ends in reality. Transforming your dream world into a dream life requires dedication, courage and belief in yourself. Be inspired by your visions and work towards achieving your goals every day. With determination and a positive mindset you can turn your dreams into a beautiful reality. Continue to believe in the power of your desires and watch your life transform into something magical and meaningful. Dream big and live bigger!

I already have a gift for you. Your access to your dream world

An audio recording that takes you to the peace and relaxation within yourself 

to get to know, taste and enjoy your dreams now. 



The two days of training give you all the tools to not only gain access to your dreams, but to also convert those dreams into your dream life. 


Day 1


  • The manifestation process

  • The power of your unconscious mind 

  • Dare to choose your desired future


Day 2 


  • A boost for your self-confidence

  • A concrete action plan for your manifestation

  • Space to fail and get back up

In the 4 hours of personal coaching there is room to solve all personal challenges one by one so that you can optimally enjoy your manifestation process. 

And the best news is that you can repeat this endlessly with all your other dreams! 

Possible themes for this project: You dream

  • to find another job

  • to become self-employed

  • to switch to a healthier lifestyle

  • to achieve a sporting performance

  • to communicate in a different way

  • to lead in a different way

  • to parent in a different way

  • to find more inner peace

  • to just be happier and happier

What to expect?

A wonderful mix of reason and emo. 

Because your mind consists of reason and emo, 

consciously and unconsciously. 

If you want to achieve something from the incredible power
of your mind, then you need your total mind!

The training therefore consists of a mix of awareness through questioning and moments of trance with some exercises with pen and paper. 

Do you want to take your first step towards that dream world now?

Then listen to my completely free and without obligation.

audio recording: 'From Dream World to Dream Life'


Power of Relaxation
5-day training



Training on:

Thursday 28 & Friday March 29 '24   


Coaching by appointment     



Happy Coachh Headquarters

Brewerij Loriersstraat 1 bus 39 

3320 Hoegaarden


Happy Coach

or via zoom



Total price €860.00 incl. VAT


If you want to manifest something in your professional life, you can pay for the coaching part with career vouchers

Training €500.00 incl. VAT + 1 career cheque

In collaboration with #BEYELLOW career center


I'm interested
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