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Meet Anné Linden and Emilie Depuydt, your trainers

Two women with a passion for personal development and with abslolute respect for your conscious and unconscious mind.

Anné studied with the greatest. Feldenkrais,
R. Bandler, J Grinder. She brought NLP to Europe. 

She's a real dog person, she left the Big Apple to live in the mountains where she enjoys the quitenes. 

Emilie met Anné when she was 20 years old. First as her trainer, than her mentor and now  they are colleagues and friends. It's a real honor for Emilie to work so closely together .

Emilie studied complementary medicine. But her real interest lies in the power of the mind. Getting in touch with NLP at her twenties was like coming home. 

When she is not working or studying, she loves to run and to ride her motorcycle.

Anné teaches in English. Emilie teaches NLP in Dutch and co-trains with Anné in English.