Boundaries Training


the ultimate resource for human relationships

What do you mean boundaries? 

Boundaries - those distinctions we make between ourselves and others, between you and your daughter, your wife, husband, boss, between your emotions and your friends’ feelings, between the thoughts inside yourself and the outside world, between criticism and your knowledge of self. The innumerable distinctions that make you unique AND allow you to connect - to be vulnerable, open and available to others, to the world around you.


Sometimes people think of boundaries as walls that separate - they do indeed separate but only turn into walls when the separation becomes rigid, static and fixed. What happens when there’s no separation, no distinctions, when all is one, the same? That is as much a prison as the one built of walls. When you and I are the same - fused together, there is no space for you, the individual. Of course, sometimes it is good to have walls to protect or desirable to be one with nature, with another human being.


But without knowledge of what human boundaries are, how they come to be, how we create and maintain them we are condemned to unknowingly bounce between walls (escape into isolation when life and relationships become overwhelming) and no boundaries (too often an escape from individual responsibility for our own happiness into an illusion of togetherness) – never really safe and never really connecting.


This Training emphasizes experiential learning. There is a combination of didactic presentations, demonstrations of the information, group experiences and small group exercises. You will participate in hands-on exercises in which you will literally experience the presented information. The harmony - the flow between information and experience - is further enhanced with stories, real-life examples and guided fantasies.


April 18 till 23 from 3 pm till 10.30 pm UCT + 2


Because of covid, this in an online training. Everybody stays at his own place. 


€ 1 250,00 excl btw / € 1 512,50 incl btw